General Information

In present days, the avionics maintenance services are provided mainly by highly-qualified personnels with top level education.  The highly-developed aircrafts of today that meet the requirements of fast and safe air  transfortation  use advanced technologies and modern equipments.  Therefore,   the need for training highly-qualified employees has become more imperative than ever before. Day by day, such a need for individuals’ development in terms of knowledge of foreign languages, computer and informatics, and related skills is increasingly becoming crucial both within the public and private sectors.

The Avionics department of Atılım University started the academic activities by admission its first students in the academic year 2011-2012. The curriculum covers a four-year undergraduate study period upon finishing a one-year English language preparatory class with the natural purpose to develop the necessary language skills among the students as an indispensible requirement of the sector. After having completed the nessary requirements of the academic programs the sudents will be graduated from the school and start to work immediately in the sector.
By the ofered training courses, students will be able to carry out maintenance and services the electronic  equipments of modern aircrafts applying advanced technologies.   The  fundamentals of the first and second year courses  will cover applied  topics such as AC-DC circuits, complecated electronics and communications, air vehicle navigation and radar systems. In advancesd classes, the students will be trained  by application-oriented lectures and workshops that are provided in a aircraft maintenance hangar in the Ankara Esenboğa Airport of Atılım University. In addition to these, the students will have the opportunity to complete an internship program that includes two summers, each lasting 40 days, in a number of civil and military corporations that include the Turkish Airlines, the Turkish Aerospace Industries, the TUSAŞ Engine Industries, and many others.